The miraculous brain goes through 4 or 5 different brain waves. Our Beta waves is when we are awake and active , our Alpha wave is when the brain is relaxed when we are going to sleep, then we go into Theta which is the the more deeply relaxed wave, then into Delta which is the dream mind state. We then go back into Theta then Alpha as we wake and start doing our daily routines we go back into Beta. We can also get into Gamma wave by inducing Meditation.

The most extraordinary thing is that when our brain waves through Theta which only happens for a short time two times a day this is the Hypnosis state of mind so just before we fall asleep is a great time to plan your following day , think about what you want to achieve or things you want to do, how you want to feel. Think about future goals and manifestations you want for yourself. Think about how grateful you are about everything and ask your subconscious mind about answers.You practise this daily before you fall asleep and you will be amazed how you can retrain your subconscious mind and just watch everything unfold for you in your life like its meant to. And just to add to it when you awake in the morning wake up with a smile on your face only for the reason that you are awake, conscious and breathing. Be grateful for this because there are many people who do not get the chance to. Much

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