Today I awake feeling grateful for this amazing life we are experiencing,

As I open my eyes to look around the room, I feel an immense sense of appreciation.

The miracle of how we were created is something like no other,

We should be thankful for this alone and feel very blessed.

When we can learn to except for ourselves that life is full of many obstacles, but it is our own choices that will lead us to our own destination.

When you look at life in a different way, it’s really very simple!

Why would you want to live your life through suffering?

We can control the pain and suffering from our own minds!

And with all the suffering that comes from the outer, we should learn to except that with our own thoughts and fear we may or may not have created it for ourselves, but learn to except it for what it is, there is no need to dwell or worry, it won’t change what’s happened!

We can awaken from our own suffering, see the good in everything, there is beauty in all life events,

The deeper we can look within us; you will find your inner peace.

Just look around you, the natural beauty of this magnificent universe,

We are all apart of this, we are all one!

Say no more to war, violence, and all conflicts around us,

Instead give out more love, gratitude, appreciation, and peace!

Open your eyes to be joyful and thankful for what is happening today as it is,

Do something amazing for this universe, this is why we are here!

Remember who you truly are deep within, we are all special beings!

Change your thoughts to change your life, you deserve to explore who you are.

When you ask yourself that most important question, “who am I?”, you will be able to express your own answer,

When you can have a great understanding to know who you truly are, your precious life will begin and it will have no end!

Much Love. xxx

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