Many of us may seem to be blinded,

As they cannot seem to understand that there is a message to be told.

Why do we need to wait for tragic to strike?

It does not need to be this way.

As stubborn as many may react,

We really need to stop and become aware, to make those changes before it can be too late.

There are people who have come close to the other side,

While listening to what they say it may seem so surreal.

There is infinite of divine love and peace,

It is a magical place to be.

But why, oh, why,

Do we need to leave here to experience this?

This is not the truth, we do not need to leave,

We are all meant to be living the same joyful life.

Here and today, right at this moment, in this physical form,

We are all able to live the joy of life, make it a happy place to be.

Live your most miraculous moments of your life,

For you and your divine purpose.


Much Love. xxx.

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