Allow yourself to feel the stillness,

Take control of all your thoughts racing through your mind,

Give yourself some time to relax,

Become aware of your breathing,

Feeling each part of your bodies sensation,

This is your time to have self-realisation

Being more in touch with yourself,

Your mind will slowly start to become empty,

Find that silence, feel yourself drifting into nothing,

Feel as if you are floating as your breathing becomes very faint,

Your state of mind has gone deep into consciousness,

So much ease, finding true inner peace,

While being in this state, you may feel twinges or swaying,

This is your inner source letting you know that they are here for you,

At this time, you are very much in control,

You may feel a sensation of divine love, peace and joy,

This is the time that magical things happen,

Enjoy your deep state of being in that conscious mind,

This is how it feels to meditate, make this a daily practise.

This will help guide you to fulfil Your Life Purpose.

Much Love. xxx

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