As I lay and stare into a daze,

I think about my life in so many ways.

I now have a deep understanding as to why it needs to be like this,

I do not want to close my eyes yet, I have yet so much to see, I do not want to miss.

Your life is very precious, cherish every moment,

Appreciate all things around you to make your life full of enjoyment.

Wake up in the morning to smell those roses,

Become grateful for every little thing that approaches.

We do not see true suffering until we see the suffering of others,

Let this become your awakening to life and live to appreciate your mothers.

No matter who you are or what your doing, know deep down inside you that you are the truth of who you truly are,

You are so bright just as that shining star.

Your life is very precious, know this now before it is too late,

The truth is we do not know our own fate.

Remember who you are and live your life to your fullest,

Embrace your loved ones, forgive, and just allow things to unfold to watch your precious life manifest.

Much Love. xxx

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