"YOUR INFINITE SOUL" Poem from Priscilla.

Knock, knock, knock, hello I am here,

I want you to know you do not need to fear.

You are wandering why you can hear all those voices,

You are wandering why you avoided those courses.

As much as I want you to know I am here for you,

You need to figure it out and find your own way said Lao tzu.

I can give you some guidance and throw you some clues,

But sometimes the only way for you to figure it out is when your down with the blues.

Its okay everything will come together when you have your say,

But all you need to care about is to follow your way.

Knock, knock, knock hello it is me,

Hello, you say “how can this be?”

I feel empowered that you have let me free,

So now go on and enjoy your life which is meant to be.

As you now have found your inner self, “your infinite soul”

Let us go and enjoy our present time and flow like water as together we are whole.

Much Love. xxx

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