“YOU MUST DIE WHILE YOUR ALIVE” (An ancient parable illustrated from an Indian spiritual master)

Tweet, Tweet, chirp, chirp, hello master says the parrot to his owner, as he was once flying around in the jungle of Africa with all his parrot friends. But the man had captured the parrot and took him back where he lived in India and he looked after the parrot as his pet and they had become very close together and the man use to feed him the best food and would play music and dance, the parrot was treated very well. It was amazing how close they had become. A few years later the man had to return to Africa, and he asked the parrot is there a message you would like me to send back to your friends in Africa. The parrot then told his master, just let them all know that I am incredibly happy, and I am enjoying being in my cage and to just please send my love to all of them. When the master arrived into Africa he went into the jungle and delivered the message to all his pet parrots friends, as he finished telling them all what his pet had said one of the parrots started being sad, his eyes rolled around and he fell on his back and dropped dead. So, the man’s immediate thought was that he must have been remarkably close to my pet parrot and knew that this was the reason for his sadness and death. The man had then returned to India and he went home to tell his parrot what had happened. As he finished telling his pet what had happened his parrot teared up and was sad and his eyes rolled around, and he fell on his back and dropped dead. The man could not believe what was happening, but he then thought he must have been sad to hear the death of his friend which is what caused his own death. The man then opened the cage and placed his dead parrot onto the ground close by to his home. As soon he had done that the parrot flew up onto the tree above. The master said to his parrot “what? so you’re not dead! Why would you do that do me? You tricked me! So, then the parrot responded back to the man, “because that bird back in Africa sent me an especially important message. The man asked what was the message? The parrot then said, he told me that if you want to escape from your cage, “YOU MUST DIE WHILE YOUR ALIVE”.

This is a very special story about yes we must indeed die while we are alive, in order to be able to look back at our waking consciousness and see ourselves trapped in our own cage, but in humans life its our body’s. To be able to see how unnecessarily it is to remain caged.

I heard this story from the great man himself Wayne Dyer. I really do love this story; it has great meaning to all our lives. The moral of the story is set yourself free from within and live the life you are meant to be living.

Much Love. xxx

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