We are always trying to find things to help fulfil our needs by chasing happiness in many ways we can possible. The truth is we have always been holding our own key the whole time, that is right the key that fits perfect into our own doorway to happiness. We need to stop and realize this for ourselves that the truth of who we are is already within us and we shall not need to seek for it anymore!

The only problem anyone has is that we can all fall into a trance, and we all go through that emotional ride of feeling unworthiness towards ourselves. We will take a ride along our own life journey living with this pain and suffering, living through depressive states and not allowing ourselves to live our own life to our fullest potential.

We even induce the suffering and pain of those close to us and allow this to put our lives on hold. Meanwhile we become sick ourselves from all the stress and worrying. Some of us feel the need to become superior above from everybody else, we all find many ways possible to try to feel worthy of our place being here on this earth, we all have it no matter how you see it.

If you can only look at yourself in the mirror and ask your self that question, “who am I really?” Telling yourself you no longer want to live your life through fear! Start showing yourself love and compassion and start to feel that you are worthy no matter what suffering you have been through, because the truth is without the pain and suffering that we all have endeavoured for ourselves we would not awaken to who we really are, we would not awaken to our own life!

We must understand that we are not here to chase happiness, we are here for survival and there will always be pain and suffering moments and events in our lives, but it is through accepting things for how it is with an open heart, we must trust that everything will work out for how it is meant to and allow ourselves to just ride with the waves. We need to learn to stay in the present moment and discover our own pure awareness, when you can do this, you will also see through the eyes of others.

Practising love, kindness and compassion will lead us the way to freedom, this will lead us to expressing the fullness of who we are! We don’t want to be that person on our death beds looking back, nodding our heads to ourselves thinking, “why did I always believe that I was not good enough for anything? “We want to be that person on our death bed feeling free with a big smile!

My message to you, live your life to your fullest with the least amount of material things, experience being alone and discover your inner beauty within. Learn to discover who you really are and know that you are worthy no matter what!

Much Love. xxx

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