As we come into this big world, we are a bundle of peace, love and joy then as we have grown up to learn some things about life from our parents and family, we grow this personality called our ego. Through our many life experiences we can lose our true self from the ego and we become someone who is other than our true self. We can all be taken over by the ego and would not even know it because we then believe that this is who we truly are. Growing up, we may lose our self-love, we criticize not only ourselves but others, we hold resentment and become judgemental towards everything and everyone, a lot of people like to blame others for there own actions and then there is shame, anger and guilt, people become anxious and depressed and this is all because we have let the ego take control of us and has created nothing but a fearful and competitive life. This is not how it is meant to be!

By becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings you can observe the way you act towards ourselves and others. We need to remember things for ourselves and this is the reason why life throws out so many life situations. If you want to teach to others then your life should consist of more peace, love, and joy rather than ego and conflicts and you need to become this person again no matter what it is you are facing. Find your inner self, say no to allowing the ego to control you, find the real you so you can live your joyful life. This is the most significance part of your life because you are what you teach and what teach you learn. If we can all observe ourselves to say goodbye to our egoic minds and we all found our true selves our world we live in will consist of so much pure unconditional love, just how we felt it when we first entered this universe.

Much Love. xxx

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