The worst thing that you can do for yourself is criticise yourself. The more you keep doubting your actions and creating negative thoughts towards your own self this is going to effect your body physically and your emotional behaviours. When you give yourself no self love, and all you seem to do is give out criticism of oneself, your body will only mirror the thoughts you are thinking. All health issues and illnesses comes from what we are creating for our own. When you start treating yourself more with respect and except yourself for who you are your life will become much more fulfilling in many ways.You will experience the best of yourself, your life and you will feel and become a lot more healthier. Become more aware of how you are feeling and change your attitude about the way you see yourself. Takes look at your self in the mirror and tell yourself, “ you are more than good just enough!”

There is an affirmation l have learnt from the amazing “Louise Hay” that l would like to share with you. Tell your self daily, “ l am willing to release the pattern in me that is creating this experience or condition !“ by telling yourself this you are acknowledging your own power. Give your self the self love that you want. It will be well worth it.

Much Love. xxx

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