Why l love Essential oils.

Currently studying in aromatherapy, I have learnt so much about essential oils. I have now known that 100% pure and natural essential oils can come quite pricey. And also when it comes to the names of oils it’s important to look at the scientific name that’s written on the labels as well as the common name they use. Also depending on where the herbs /plants that the oils are derived from are cultivated can make a huge difference in the quality of the oil. So, it’s very important to know what you are buying from any suppliers to be able to get the best quality oils out there. Essential oils have many benefits that people don’t know about which they can affect us physiologically and psychologically. There are many benefits that can affect how we are feeling and can also help with many health issues from the complex chemical constitutes which are in essential oils that can enter our bloodstream via inhalation or absorption of the skin. Coming from Mother Nature itself essential oils are now my go to when it comes to skin care and beauty, scents around our home, house cleaning products and medically. My products from Keep it Natural Stupit are homemade and l use only 100 % pure and natural top graded quality oils. I have made Visualize face and body oil and my Zen ja vu room spray and looking forward to making many more. Please visit my shop on Etsy.



VISUALIZE $29.95 free delivery

ZEN JA VU $24.95 free delivery

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