Life is truly fascinating, just think about it for a moment, open your mind up a little and go deep into your life where you are at now, try to reflect onto your thoughts and actions you experienced to get to the place you are today. I find it absolutely mind boggling that the power of our thoughts can determine our way of living.

Most of us do not realize that if we cannot become aware of our own thoughts our mind continuously stays on auto pilot, meaning our subconscious minds continuously repeats the same thoughts every day and will also replay past events and will make us feel like we are not getting anywhere in life. Become aware of those thoughts and instead create yourself the life you want for yourself. We all should know this, but we do not, because we become comfortable with our subconscious mind taking charge and repeating the same old thing day in, day out.

When you tell yourself, you hate your job and that you are not happy with yourself then you will continuously receive this for yourself. Instead, before you awake imagine how your day is going to pan out, see yourself enjoying your work, see yourself being cheerful talking to everyone and getting along well and see yourself energized and doing active things, doing the things that you desire and are passionate about and you will create this for yourself.

You see once you have imagined anything you would like to achieve it has already been created, its only time before you will manifest it for yourself. Where you see yourself is what you get! You have the powers to create the most extraordinary life for yourself. It truly is totally up to you.

You are what you think about, what you can imagine and feel for yourself you will get, and what you put out will always come back to you! Just remember everything ever created began with a thought and once you have created this thought for yourself you are basically putting in your order to the universe, and the universe will deliver. You will notice things will come your way in relation to what you desire.

You are in control of your own story, chapter by chapter you will only become more enlivened as your story unfolds. Make it happen for yourself!

Much Love. xxx

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