When we ask ourselves the question what do we intend to do for ourselves? This has nothing to do with what we want for ourselves! The law is simple, you do not attract what you want for yourself, you attract what you are! When you intend something upon yourself, I would say its more like having a knowing within yourself.

So, for example you could say I intend to start ‘jogging 3 times a week, you can see it already happening! So, let us compare that to, I want to go jogging 3 times a week, this is not a definite way to say things you wish for yourself.

Stop wanting things and see things for how they are, what ever you intend to do for yourself, you see it as if it has already happened, this is the real law of the universe! When you see it already happening the universal forces will allow it to happen. Act out as if what ever your intentions are today you already are that person having that experiment. Try it for yourself!

Write down 5 things that you intend for yourself , see it and feel it like it is happening now.

Much Love. xxx

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