As the little toddler tries to reach out and says DADDA, MUMMA get me toy pease , the parents say to their son “ you will figure it out," as they let him be and he somehow wormed his way and reached out a little more and he grabbed his toy all on his own.

The child is grown up and he is afraid to start his first day at school and asks his parents to stay with him until he feels comfortable, the parents say you are a big kid now and we know “you will figure it out”, as they leave their child, he no longer feels that need of comfort from his parents as he start to talk to his new friends.

Going half way through secondary school and the child is overwhelmed by all the homework he needs to complete and study for exams, he then asked his dad for help and he says to his son, I know you can do it on your own just take step by step and do what you can as “you will figure it out”, so then the child stops and re organises what needs to be done and before you know he has done everything without even realising.

That time comes when he turns 18 and he needs to buy a car. He starts whinging to his parents about him not going to have a car and the parents say we are able to help with what we can. But financially they are just coping with everything. They tell their son “you will figure it out”, the time comes and the son gets offered a part time job and in a few months’ time he gets the car he wanted.

Its really the way of life that when you just stop for a moment and don’t think back nor think ahead everything in this universe has their own way of their nature and things will always work out, we just need to learn to let it go and everything will turn out how they are meant to.

In 2020 there is a pandemic crisis in the whole world. No one has ever experienced what is happening around the world today. There are many changes to everybody’s life. But all I have to say is “WE WILL FIGURE IT OUT."

Much Love. xxx

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