As I travel along my paths journey,

There are times when I see things looking a little blurry.

As I think with my mind, I feel a sense of confusion,

My ego allowing my doubts to come through.

Indeed, this cannot be true,

Watching in front of me the trees and the birds in this amazing view.

Remembering I need to think and feel from my heart,

Feeling those beautiful emotions right from the start.

Compassion, appreciation, gratitude and caring,

This is what we all should be sharing.

By keeping out minds and heart in harmony we can all find deep inner peace,

This will help the entire universe to allow conflicts and competition to decrease.

We all need to come to terms that it is what it is,

The outcome will be how and what we do to deal with it, this is the quiz!

This universe is magical, and so are we,

As we are all apart of it, can’t you see!

It is all up to our own choices to watch everything uncurl,

Together with our wonderful thoughts and emotions, we can create a better place for ourselves, as we are the world.

Much Love. xxx

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