Do something nice for yourself today to help you to become a stronger person. If you feel like you are stuck in a routine, doing the same thing every day just like that movie Ground Hog Day then step out of your comfort zone and stir things up a little. If you usually wake up on the right side of the bed try then waking up on the other side, if you usually drink coffee from the same mug everyday go out and buy yourself a new mug, if you usually wear dark clothes everyday, start wearing bright colours. If you always watch the news and take in all the negative instead turn the T.V off and play some music that you love. When we condition our selves to do the same thing over and over so then our brains no longer need to think so much because the body knows what to do because of the viscous cycle, we can become and feel like robots so why not mess things up a little and take control, you will be amazed with how you can retrain your brain to become bigger and better to brighten up your life. Much love. xxx

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