Take a closer look at the tree,

And it will surprise you what you will see.

We are very much alike if not the same,

Not many can see this, but no one is to blame.

They start of from a seed,

Just as we were conceived.

They start to sprout out from nature,

As we do begin our adventure.

The branches grow and become stronger,

As we grow to learn to stay away from danger.

Some trees are alone, and some are close together,

Just like us humans we can want one for ourselves or choose to have the other.

The luscious leaves grow and in autumn they fall,

Like our precious child has grown to leave and live his life proud and tall.

Some trees fall to the ground and many keep growing strong through the battle in life,

As to some of us can be knocked down and many keep pushing through the tunnel of strife.

Just imagine you could see the visible roots from under the trees,

And only imagine we could all see through the eyes of one another with ease.

What would you see?

You would see that we are all one, trust me.

We are all connected!!!

Much Love. xxx

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