When we look out in the deep ocean, we sense a feeling of calming serenity.

If we can understand that no matter what religion you may have chosen to be, your god for the way you see him, think of him as being the whole ocean. As we would take a bucket and place the water coming from that magnificent ocean into the bucket, this is each and everyone of us. Understand that we are also part of this ocean, only for us to go out and do what ever it is that your heart desires to do. But just remember if we are part of the ocean we are also apart of god. WE ARE is the key words. We are all connected to be as one. And the only reason a lot of people cannot see this , is because they do not allow for their higher self to come through because they keep listening to their ego. If we allow ourselves to sit in silence this is when your mind stops and we are able to sense, feel to receive signals from the place in between your thoughts and you will experience to get in touch with your energy source which you can call your inner self, higher self or god. When you find that place there will be no problems in the world, there will be nothing but your desires to do what you know is your passion for life to be able to help and give to others. You will experience everything in which you were placed here on this universe to experience but know that it is all good. As you will also feel love unconditionally and you will feel at peace and will be able to live your most joyous life that you were meant to live.

Much Love. xxx

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