One who has authentic power is one who is connected with their soul. One who understands that we are an immortal soul in a physical body and no longer requires to allow fear to take control of their own lives. One who can sit alone in a room and feel like they have everything already without having anything. Understanding that you are no better than everyone else. Knowing there are no limits in life and will go on with life with many great intentions. Being aware of your own personality traits and behaviours to make better choices and decisions for your own spiritual path.

Below are 5 way to help you to create authentic powers for yourself.

1. Spend some time alone daily and get to know yourself. Get yourself out into nature to become aware of how your surroundings make you feel. Go within, listen with your heart, enjoy the silent moments as you try to quiet your mind.

2.When you want to do something for yourself always ask yourself the question why you want to do the things you want to do. Analyse the experience for yourself and figure out if it is either an intentional or out tensional decision. For example, if you want to buy yourself a bigger house, because you want to have the biggest house amongst all your friends then this would be an out tensional decision but if you want to buy a bigger house to be able to support your family then this is a great intentional decision.

3.Always be kind and show love to others because what you give out will always return to you. This is a big rule of thumb, treat others the way you wish to be treated.

4.Having great compassion towards other people and the beautiful world we live in. Understand that the more compassion goes around the more love we will create all around us. Get rid of all judgemental behaviour, be nice and try to understand that we all have an innocent heart deep down within. Remember in our life that there is either love or fear, most people live in a fearful life but if we can all share a bit of love every day then our love will overpower the fear.

5.Forgiveness is a crucial part to creating authentic powers for yourself. When you can let go of anything that is holding you down you will be able to move to your next chapter in life. Holding onto past events or resentments will only bring you down even more. If you are holding onto any anger with some family members, be the bigger person and talk to them, maybe even ask them about their childhood to understand why this person behaves a certain way. Recognize what has happened to you then be willing to let it go. There is no reason to hold onto anything anymore, practise to stay present and live in the moment. This will be the best thing you could do for yourself.

Much Love. xxx

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