Let us all be grateful for this amazing universe that we live in,

We will all make mistakes and do the wrong thing, but this is not a sin.

From the greater source above, we are like little ants trying to find our way,

There will always be much suffering and obstacles. and times when we do not know what to do or say.

Of course, we will have our fun, laugh, and play,

The best thing for us to do is just allow ourselves to follow the way.

We must learn to accept things for how it is,

For at times life may seem like we are doing a quiz.

With so much to do, so much to see, do not waste your life feeling sad,

We are here for only a short time, so go on and live your life so rad.

Stop taking things so seriously, learn to let go and forgive,

This is your life, enjoy it how you want to and become determinative.

Let go of all your worries, its time to discover your own passion and desires,

Its your time to shine, find the truth of who you are, ask yourself what is it that you require.

It is time to be in the present moment, and enjoy your life for how it pans out to be,

I do not mean to sound harsh, but you just don’t know when your time is up, can’t you see!

Wake up with a smile! Appreciate your life and be happy,

Go on and make it snappy!

Much Love. xxx

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