Enough is enough. Wake up and smell the roses. Sometimes we need to be told in a harsh way for it to sink in. But end of the day it is all up to that individual. Seriously life is too precious. Take care of your health, body and mind. I cannot tell you enuf how much l wish l could jump into people’s minds and turn a few switches on. There is one most important thing in our lives that should matter the most. Yes that’s oxygen of course because without it we wouldn’t be here.So please change your state of mind today!!! Stop putting poisons into your body, just stop because if you cannot look after your own health then nobody else can for you. Start to take action for yourself. I have seen way too much with family health to know and learn what is good and what is bad. I feel frustrated that l cannot help people and l just want you all to get it LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!!! When your life is supported by a breathing machine, this should not be what it takes for you to wake up!!! We dont all get given a second chance so if you cant make changes for yourself then, this is a selfish act upon yourself and loved ones around you. This is the time you need to WAKE UP AND SMELL ROSES!!! Do yourself a favour stop poisoning your organs, start too love and appreciate them and they will take care of you. Life has been given to us as a gift , live a happy and healthy life like you are meant too. I only say this because l care or maybe l have been listening too much of Tony Robbins ha ha. Much love. xxx

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