What a wonderful word, “ALOHA”! We do not need to travel to Hawaii to use this word or to live our life with Aloha, why not wake up in the morning no matter where it is that you are and say it out loud, “ALOHA”. we know in the Hawaiian culture they use this word to greet people or when saying goodbye, but the true meaning of Aloha is that it means bringing in love, peace, and compassion. When you say Aloha either to someone or say it to yourself, it should come from purely deep within your heart.

Wake up and say, “ALOHA” and put it into practise to live your life though Aloha means being in great spirits and that is the way to go. When you can share Aloha towards others it will come back to you in return. There are many ways to live with Aloha. One simple act is the act of kindness, be nice to others even if you feel you are having a bad day.

Spread the love around and around, there can never be too much love! Allow your life’s path to unfold before your eyes with Aloha, trusting in any situation no matter what, things will always work out how it was meant to. Stop running around worrying and stressing over pity stuff that does not even matter, breathe in Aloha and just enjoy staying present, see the beauty in all life’s nature, even the smallest thing, look at flower and see the beauty in this, understand that it also is a living thing with true essence within.

Become grateful for everything that you have already without wanting more all the time. Tell yourself affirmations like in my life everything always works out, try, and see the good in everything! When you go to bed tonight think about how amazing your life really is and let go of all worrisome thoughts, and when you wake up say, “ALOHA” so loud that even the neighbours can hear you!

Much Love. xxx

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