We all have our own unique values; do you ever take time to consider what your most values are? So many of us can get caught up with everyday living and do not give themselves the time of the day to have a more understanding about oneself. Our true values show us who we really are, our own individual beliefs. We all have different values and different levels of values.

Write down 5 of your own personal values, try and identify how you act out each of your own values you hold. For me one my greatest values are Love, I feel I have so much love towards so many people but my love for my kids and my partner is beyond. Especially my kids, I don’t see them as much and I really miss them, and If I keep thinking about this I find it can effect my emotions and energy, so for as long as I am aware of this I will send them a msg or phone call or even send them some silent love, just letting them know that I love them and miss them and I understand that they are just being kids just living their lives.

So go through your values and try and think about the ways you act out on each value you hold for yourself, we are all not perfect, as we all makes mistakes but as long as you can pick up on how you act upon your own values you can make things better for yourself by getting to understanding yourself a lot better.

Much Love. xxx

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