We all have that inner child within us whether we want to know about it or not! We also need to understand that our inner child we have within us is what may affect certain behaviour patterns that we continue doing as adults. Whether or not we shared great experiences or horrible experiences as a child we tend to still hold onto those traits so growing up at times can become a difficult time for us, if we keep holding onto experiences that we have been through from being children till today, we may also be holding onto shame, anger, guilt, or resentment coming into our teenage and adult hood lives.

Of course, this can have a big affect on our lives in general. To have a better understanding about your life and how you live it today we need to come to terms with how to unleash your inner child. We need to reconnect with that inner child within us and let that inner child know that they are very much loved, and they will always be in that safe place.

If there is something you are going through in your life where you feel you are stuck, then this is a great place to start. Think about yourself when you were at the age around 5 or 6 and have more of an understanding about how you were feeling from this age. Go back into those feelings and talk to your inner child and tell them that there is nothing they need to fear and that you will always be there to protect your inner child within. You can even go as far as explaining to your inner child the reasons why things may happen, and of course this would be for you to have an understanding about family history and behaviours.

By reconnecting with your inner child within you can ask your inner child to forgive and let go of anything they seem to be holding onto from childhood, for as long as they know that that will feel the love and feel safe, they will allow you to go about and live your life as you should. Remember most times it is that inner child within us that makes us become fearful and doubtful with a lot of events and situations in our lives.

Unleash your inner child even by playing and doing things that you enjoyed doing as a child, you as an adult will feel amazing when you reconnect with your own inner child. Do something childish today. Your inner child will be sure to thank you for it.

Much Love. xxx

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