TRUTH, DARE, KISS OR PROMISE? All of the above please.

Is it the truth that you do not need to go looking for love, that love is already found within ourselves? Of course this is true.

Is it the truth that doubting your self about everything will get you no where in life? Of course this is true.

I dare you to take a walk through a hospital ward corridor and take a good look at the people around you and see that there are people out there worse of than you are. So stop complaining.

I dare you to go for a walk around the city streets and see all the homeless people around with no food or no roof to live under. So stop complaining.

Go ahead and kiss your beloved and tell them how much you love and appreciate them being in your life.

Go ahead and kiss your kids and tell them how proud and grateful you are for them just being who they are.

Promise yourself you will take action with anything you want to do or change for yourself.

Promise yourself that you will take care of your health, mind and body and you will do what you want to do without anyone else trying to pull your strings for you.

Much Love. xxx

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