“Those who stand on tip toes do not stand firmly.”

“Those who rush ahead don't get very far.”

“Those who try to outshine others dim their own light.”


I remember growing up l use to think a lot and being very organised in my mind l would sometimes think about all the things l had to do and l would say to myself how am l going to get all this done?Then weeks down the track, l would look back and say wow l did it all without even realising. Have you ever wondered how things just seem to fall into place before you could even blink your eye? This only happens when you do not worry about things so much and do not try hard to make it happen. The way of the mysterious universe just allows things to happen how they are meant to. If you stop and think about life we don’t need to do anything, meaning we don’t need to try so hard because the more you try to figure things out or make things happen It won’t happen. It’s okay to have thoughts and ideas but then just let it go and watch nature take its course.

We were not brought into this universe to control it how we want it to be, we were brought here as we are to experience how life unfolds before our eyes. Trust in the universe.

Much Love. xxx

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