When we allow our thinking mind to take control, we can create a world filled with judgemental minds. Letting our egos becoming the master and to corrupt our true consciousness. There are so many of us in this world and many life situations being evolved. We are all trying to discover our own paths in our journeys, each and every one of us as an individual has their own physical body, their own intellect, their own emotional nature and their own spiritual essence. So, for this matter alone ask yourself the question, “to judge or not to judge?”

Many of us need to consider this for many events in their lives and have a good hard think about what your answer should be. I know what my answer is and that is of course, “not to judge!” Just put yourself in the shoes of others, no body knows anyone else’s situation, it doesn’t matter what the experience is of an individual, we all have our own reasons for doing things the way we want to or dealing with things the way we want to. For anyone who is to judge people or situations around them, this is either a reflection of oneself or are not able to have a mind of their own and choose to follow what other people are doing. We are not here to judge anyone, look deeper within the people around you or just understand that this is what they want to do, and you choose not to be part of it.

It is really that simple. Start today, become non-judgemental and instead do the complete opposite and send anyone around you love, peace and joy.

Much Love. xxx

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