Do you ever question yourself that crazy question, “why am I here on earth?” and “what is my purpose in being here?”

Well first, we were all welcomed in this universal field of magnificence because we chose to be here to comeback and experience our life’s journeys as creators. It is mind boggling how we are created to experience the life we all participate in; we have an important role in life, we are all miracles, and we all need to take a moment to respect and appreciate everything as it is right this moment.

As we are all spiritual beings experiencing life in another physical body, we have all been here before, as our souls are eternal, so its our choice to come back and experience life once again, our purpose is to remember whom we are, but most of us forget as we get dragged into the world of materialist things and our egos, we forget deep down about our precious souls that we are back here into this amazing life to create more knowledge for ourselves.

We are all born geniuses and with the true knowledge that comes from oneself we are here to remind one another that we are all connected as one to help make the world a better place to be filled with love, peace, and joy. We are all here to make the choices that will lead all of us to learn more knowledge. We are always learning, and we all need to keep reminding one another the beauty in life rather than living in suffering. Just remember to have knowledge is powerful but putting it into practise is dynamical.

If we can all put into practise what we all learn we can become role models to the person next to us and we can pass down the knowledge to the next generations. All the people in the world would be filled with love and joy rather than anger and judgmental behaviour, we could make so many changes around the world by taking care of the environment! We can all help to eliminate all the diseases and illnesses by spreading the love and peace. It only takes each and everyone of us to keep gaining more knowledge and putting it into action to make the world a more loving and safer place to be.

I know my place is to learn and put into action what I have learnt to help anyone in anyway I can, I am here to help to serve to others and remember my precious soul deep within, I am grateful for my own existence and I know I am here to create love peace and joy and share it around the world.

What is your purpose?

Much Love. xxx

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