1) Don’t think too much about things feel your way through certain situations.

2) Never Doubt yourself instead TAKE ACTION!!!

3) Don’t feel bad about making mistakes we only grow from them.

4) Don’t be afraid of challenges in life, without them we can’t get stronger.

5) Learn to express love and you will receive it.

6) Take a walk outside and appreciate your life.

7) Even if you are experiencing something bad keep yourself positive on the inside and you will get through it.

8) Give yourself some me time everyday to help find yourself.

9) Tell someone you care about today how much you love them and appreciate everything they do.

10) Get your green thumb out plant a seed. Look at this the same way when you manifest something.You have planted the manifestation keep watering the seed as you would still have great feelings about what you want for yourself in life. The seed will grow at the right time, just like your manifestation will come all in good time.

Much love . xxx

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