In the book “The Road Less Travelled” written by Scott Peck, his first 3 words are,

“Life is difficult”. Truth is, it’s not really, “life is very simple” but we can go through life feeling like it is difficult if we allow our ego to take control. When we allow ourselves to take a step back and go with the flow of events and situations in life everything always seem to work out whether it be good or bad.

We must learn to accept things for how they are and understand that we all go through pain and suffering in one way or another, but this is life. We are here to learn about everything, and we are all here to share love towards one another because with love all things are possible. Without love we create fear for ourselves and from fear comes all the negative behaviours.

We will all experience these bad behaviours because this is how we figure things out for ourselves; we will never know what is good for us if we never did anything bad, we would not know how it felt to be happy if we never experienced sadness for ourselves, we would never know love without going through fearful events and we would never want to keep ourselves healthy without getting sick or having some type of illness.

So, we need to understand it is not life that is difficult, it’s how we deal with things that will determine our outcome on things. I remember when I was growing up and I use to think about so many things that needed to get done and was mesmerized by how all these tasks would become completed without me even realising how it all happened, but it did. When we put out our thoughts into the universe then things just seem to flow and fall into place.

There is no point to worry or stress yourself out over anything because one way or another it will get sorted out. Things will always work out!

Much Love. xxx

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