The growth and the beauty of a tree l feel is the same as the growth of me. What started off as a seed and sprouted out the soil l also came into this amazing universe starring into the eyes of my mum and dad. As the seedling grows and feels the environment around l also grow and experience life around me. The tree can experience difficult times trying to grow with all the weather changes as to myself have experienced many difficult times growing up with so many difficult experiences. But the tree strengthens its roots and keeps getting bigger and stronger. As for me l have learnt over years to strengthen up to get to where l need to. As the tree trunks grows wider, the trees branches start to grow and thicken, I see myself that l am the trunk and my kids are my branches, and so I tell my kids don’t worry l am standing strong and know that l am always here to protect you. The growth of the tree, l see the growth in me, The luscious leaves growing, l see my kids journey and life experiences as they grow. The branches grow strong, my kids will always be around. The leaves fall of as same goes with my kids they go off to learn about life for themselves but the leaves do grow back as my kids will always come back to tell me they love me. The tree will stand proud and strong through any situation so l will stand strong and tall and keep growing having learnt so much in my life through thick and thin.

The tree will continue to stand up strong for many years to come, still holding up its many branches. I will always be here for my kids no matter what, This tree which is me turned 47 years young today and will only grow bigger and stronger.

Happy Birthday To Me.

Much Love. xxx

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