Through my many years of living I have personally endured along my own journey so much pain and suffering moments and of course made many mistakes along my way; I have also made many wonderful choices towards my own life. With so many experiences that I have conquered I have now learnt that I hold onto no regrets from my life because all that I have journaled is the reason why I have learnt about my own self-realisation today.

I now have an understanding today that self-realisation for me is the most important thing to ever discover in life, I personally see it as a spiritual transitioning in which we may discover for ourselves if you allow yourself to remember who you are and the truth of why we are here. Since I have opened my doors to my own self -realisation, I now look at my life as a precious gift, I see things so much clearer now, I hold deep inner peace within, I feel happy for every day I awake to appreciate and become excited about what my day will bring to me, I have no attachments towards the material world, I see so much beauty in nature itself! I have become much more aware of my own awareness which has help me so much with my own attitudes and moods, but of course I am still always learning so any improvement is a great one for me.

Below I have written 5 key steps to allow the significance of self -realisation to come through you.

1) Self-love

This is the most important key as learning to have love towards oneself will allow you to share your love towards others. Give yourself that time of day to get to know yourself and feel good about being who you are.

2) Open up your heart.

Allow yourself to have an open heart, when your heart is open you will learn to forgive and accept, you will free yourself from past events, you will have much more compassion towards other people and will have a greater understanding about things.

3) Be kind and Loving

No matter what the situation is, always show kindness and express love, even if someone else is not being so nice to you, just understand that they may not have yet discovered their own self-realisation and by you being kind and sending love it shall reflect onto them. They will soon realise this for themselves.

4) Helping to serve others.

Give a helping hand to someone in need of some help or maybe donate to charity even if it is a couple of dollars, always allow yourself to give to others, we are not meant to hold onto anything we no longer need, empty out your spare room, clean out your closet, learn to detach from things and put a smile on someone else’s face. It does not even need to be a material thing or money, send someone a simple message, and let them know you are thinking of them. It is the smallest things that matter most.

5) Being grateful.

Wake up in the morning and be grateful for each day, look around you and be grateful for the simplest things in life. Stop waiting to receive things to be grateful, just become grateful for what you have right in this precious moment.

Allow yourself to put these steps into practise, become aware of how you feel and start to notice the smallest changes within you. Eventually you will come into your own state of self-realisation, enjoy your process.

Much Love. xxx

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