Can you believe from the power of thoughts comes ideas and creations,

It is very much mind boggling and the greatest sensation.

To see and use the things we have all around us.

Came from pure consciousness thoughts without any fuss.

We all have this special power of thought.

This is what students need to get taught.

We and Everything around us is energy,

So, it makes no sense for us to feel lethargy.

As we are all born in this miraculous world with such convenience,

We were also given the ability to become such a genius.

From the power of thoughts, we create great ideas and imagination,

This is how we become successful without any temptations.

Having a desire and passion to create what we want,

Having faith to keep persisting through it, even by writing it down in a bald font.

It does not matter how many times we may seem to fail, just remember that a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits,

This is something we all need to put into practise and admit.

So next time you see something that you like, remember this was one person’s idea,

You also can create many yourself, just to make it so clear.

Become that person who believes to achieve with anything that they do,

From the power of your thoughts, become that successful leader, discover the real you.

Much Love. xxx

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