My mind is drifting into a daze,

I wander if it is only a faze.

My consciousness wanders did I die or am I still alive,

As I sit in silence and feel I no longer need to strive.

It is so peaceful,

It is so wonderful.

I watch the birds chirping and flying,

I feel invisible, and there is no need for me to be crying.

I sit down and write with ease,

As I no longer need to please.

My imagination is running wild,

As I feel like I am a big child.

I know I have someone guiding me,

To where it is, I need to be.

It is not until I hear the voice of my loved one,

Yes, I am still here, just getting some stuff done.

I was a little confused, everything was so still but how?

Well my dear, this is how it feels to be at peace and to be in the POWER OF NOW!

Much Love xxx.

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