Inhale then exhale, its as easy as that, in fact we do not need to even think about it, our organs does it for us and people still find things to complain about. Let us have a long hard think about the power of breath! The miraculous breath is what keeps us alive and most of us do not even think to appreciate this.

Just think of it this way, most people in this holly world are always looking out to search for happiness but little do they realize that happiness lies within oneself so when you inhale your breath and you do not exhale you will most likely be a goner, but when you inhale and then out comes your exhale, what also should be coming out from you is happiness and appreciation. Therefore, we are still here experiencing our life journey.

Try a little game playing with yourself, when you find yourself feeling frustrated, angry about a situation, or being judgemental with yourself or others click your fingers or clap your hands to awaken yourself to get back into the present moment and become aware of your breath, inhale and then while exhaling add a little smile on your dial.

Most of us do not acknowledge the miracle in the most important things, too many people take way too many things for granted and always looking to find other things to make them selves feel fulfilled in which they never do become fulfilled with anything on the outer world because nothing last forever. We all hold happiness within, but most people get lost in their own minds and tend to find things to mask it up.

The power of breath is the power to our own life, just remind yourself to become aware of your breath, practise breathing habits daily, we know we are breathing but become aware of being aware of your own breath when you are feeling a little confused, lost or feeling down, tell yourself life is great after all you are still breathing!

Much Love. xxx

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