Are you frustrated with yourself about where you are right this moment on your pathway? Are you wandering why things are not going your way like you hoped they would? Are you always thinking about your past behaviours and events and you can’t seem to let go of anger or resentment? When you are feeling off tracks and you can no longer see your own vision for your near future life this means more than likely you are in an emotional state. When you are in this state you will always live your life from your past and will never get anywhere else.

One thing to help these situations and many others is the power of being present. When you are not living in the present moment you will continuously be repeating the same old thoughts and behaviours almost as if you are living like a programmed robot. When you can learn to observe your own thoughts then you will no longer be a programmed robot.

Staying present will increase your own awareness with oneself. Your awareness will lead you to your own consciousness, allow your consciousness to take control of your life. Being in this state of mind you will come to live your life in the unknown. You can have trust in the universe that whatever your heart and mind feel and desires, your wishes will become fulfilled. Stay present and focus on joyful thoughts and always live your life like you have already achieved what you want for yourself.

Give yourself the precious time that you deserve and before you get out of bed every morning ask yourself the question, “ what is my greatest expectation I can show and prove to myself today?” Tell yourself how your going to act, think, look, and feel! Get out of your bed standing tall and strong and you show the universe that you are already at that place!

Much Love. xxx

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