Surprisingly with all the products made in our world from skin care for face and body, laundry detergents, dish washing detergents, household cleaners, kitchen storage containers, fast food packaging to even the little piece of paper we receive when purchasing things and the list can go on.

Well if we dont look too much into what goes into everything then you would just use these products every day , sometimes more times a day and you wouldn't question yourself for a moment why your health is not going well or why infertility has an impact on you or why you or family members have developed asthma and all types of conditions.So my advice is to please read into to what you are using for personal and household use.There are so many chemicals that are used a lot in products that can be very toxic to all of us. One in particular the P word which is used in so many products including plastic . Phalates is a harmful chemical used in a lot of things in our everyday life but if we can eliminate toxins from our bodies then this can help to reduce further health problems. Try to use more natural products for yourself and your home.What l have done is implement a new natural product every now and again to try and stay away from harmful chemicals that our precious bodies do not need. A small change can be worth it in your future years of living. Much Love. xxx.

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