There are many pieces to the puzzle,

So, to the moments in your life.

We find a place to lay down all the pieces,

We reflect on our lives to take in everything we have


We start off with one piece of the puzzle,

We open up to our inner self.

We are sifting through the pile to find the next matching piece,

We no longer need to look back at our past.

We add the second piece to the puzzle then the next and the next,

As we go through our lives trying one thing after another giving many things ago.

There is that one piece of the puzzle that cannot be found,

There are times when we feel stuck.

You know that piece will be there, as you will find it near the end,

You do not need to worry just trust in the universe and follow the way.

At times you try forcing pieces of the puzzle in where they do not belong,

You no longer need to fit in with everyone else just go your own way.

We are close to the end of the puzzle only there is one piece missing,

There is a purpose for you being here, you will figure it out.

You start to look around, then look below on the floor to find that missing piece,

You find within your heart desires and passion in what fulfils you.

The finished puzzle looks amazing as it shows you the picture,

Your life is now filled with divine love, inner peace, and bliss.

You have created yourself the most magnificent picture.

Much Love. xxx

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