Today I feel that I would love to share some special quotes from amazing people in this kingdom that has shared and taught many people all the around the world how to live your life to the fullest. I am so inspired by these great like-minded people. We are all here to help one another, even though some of the greatest minds are no longer here in physical form they are still here to teach through all of us as we are all connected.

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.”

Neville Goddard

Every day, in every moment, you get to exercise choices that will determine whether or not you will become a great person, living a great life. Greatness is not something predetermined, predestined or carved into your fate by forces beyond your control. Greatness is always in the moment of the decision.

Jeff Olsen

“You are what you believe you are. Not one thing in your life is Real or has any value to you only as your thinking and believing has made it such.” Joseph Benner, THE IMPERSONAL LIFE

Know that everything will happen at just the right time, at just the right place, with just the right people.

Wayne Dyer

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”

Louise Hay

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