We learn a lot as we try to cultivate our garden,

We plant the seeds and waiting for it to grow.

At times we become frustrated as we just want to see something happening,

But patience is the key as it will sprout out from the soil all in good time,

Some may sprout and some do not wish to come out at all,

We love to watch them grow,

But sometimes we make mistakes and we need to move them around,

Trying to figure out which place they feel is their home,

The art of gardening makes us feel at peace,

The colours of the blooming flowers in spring,

The wonders of nature,

The vines running through the leaves,

The true essence of the trees,

The birds chirping,

The sound of the buzzing bees,

We have created the enchanted garden.

We are very much like the enchanted garden,

We are the seeds sprouting from our mothers,

We grow up and at times we do not have patience and want to do to many things,

As we grow up, we move from home trying to figure out our own way,

Going through our own obstacles,

Sometimes good, sometimes bad,

Sometimes we learn and sometimes we do not,

We then awaken to the real and our true selves,

We start to appreciate and become more grateful with everything around us,

We start making our own choices for our lives,

We forgive,

We stop judging,

We learn to have inner peace,

We have so much love for ourselves and towards others,

We have created our own garden,

Our own enchanted garden.

Much Love. xxx

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