1. Get some paper and a pen and write down what you wish to desire for yourself and write down why you wish to desire each thing.

2. De-clutter your home, give away or donate 2 or more items in your home today. Even better give away something that you have been holding onto for a while.

3. Think and write down things that you are passionate about or things that you do that make you feel great.

4. Allow your mind to become silent for at least 10 mins, let your inner spirit talk.

5. Place your hand on your heart and feel it ticking away and feel grateful for this miraculous organ you have within you.

6. Do not judge anyone or anything today. Just tell yourself that it is OK and continue in doing what you normally do. See how this makes you feel.

7. If you have negative behaviour coming from someone do not retaliate back, instead silently send them love and forgiveness.

8. Try to not watch or listen to any news today, keep yourself occupied by doing things that make you feel great.

9. Do something funny in your home today with your family, bring out that childish behaviour, do something silly and laugh out loud.

10. Send out some love and tell them to pass it on. Let this become a CHAIN REACTION OF DIVINE LOVE.

Much Love. xxx

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