When you choose to live your life with surrender, this does not mean that you are giving up in life. To surrender to what is, simply means that you are excepting things for what is going on around you and trusting in the universe that what ever life situation you are facing, you should no longer put yourself through anymore fear or anxiety, and you have a knowing within you that it will flow to where it is meant to and everything will work out and all you need to pay attention to is being in the present moment. When you become aware of how you are feeling and your thoughts and you are ready to free yourself from listening to the powerful egoic mind, or you no longer want to deal with any more conflicts around you, just stop and become silent within, staying in the present moment, giving yourself the full attention and the power of the now that will bring light into your darkness, this is what it will feel like to surrender, have faith and trust with everything, for as long as there is no more fear, there will be your life filled with pure love, where there is love anything is possible.

Much Love. xxx

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