It is important for us to understand that our human bodies are precious, and we need to treat our bodies and organs as it is our temple because that is exactly what it is. We need to take time for ourselves and look after our temples. The greater source energy enjoys being in a healthy temple.

Give yourself at least 10 minutes of the day to help gain that greater energy balance for ourselves, remember the greater energy we have we continue to stay on the highest frequencies. Do not forget what the great Einstein equation discovered was E=Mc2, everything is energy, we are made up of energy. The greater our energy is, the greater connections we will have with the universe.

To treat your temple with respect we need to smile from the inside to outside and feel that warm energy from within. Keep your organs calm and healthy and practise your own energy meditation. You can do this anywhere at any time, your body temple will appreciate you for this.

Close your eyes and place your hand over your heart to make that connection between your mind and heart. Gently smile with your eye’s making that connection with your heart, and gently with the muscles in your face lift both corners of your mouth. Visualize your heart smiling and receiving warm energy, focus on happy emotions like love, compassion, appreciation, joy to help shine and radiate that vibrant energy. Go through each organ and feel the same way, move your hand gently around your body to spread that love and energy to your whole body or anywhere you may feel needs healing.

Let us take time to appreciate our own temples, give yourself this self-love daily, smile within and your body will take care of you.

Much Love. xxx

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