Life when we come into it we are amazed by what’s going on around us. When we turn 1 we take one step, two steps and fall but we don’t make a fuss. We don’t give up we keep going until we have mastered the walk of fame. But one thing for sure life is not a game. We all go through life with ups and downs, but end of the day it’s up to you how you wear your crown.

We do all make mistakes this is how we grow, so try and stop overthinking and go with the flow. We should not dwell on past experiences that we all go through, we need to see life for what it is today true? Stop and take a look at how you display your motions, as this is how we create our feelings and all types of emotions. So stand up and be tall, be careful not to fall. Shoulders back, head up high, like you are able to reach for the sky. Smile and be happy, open up your voice so the world can hear you, and scream out on the top of your lungs" l have everything l need, l love everyone, l can be anything l want to be, l will do everything l need to do, l love my life and l will do anything for me for you."

Much Love. xxx

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