Should’ve, could’ve , and would’ve.

How many times have you said to yourself or said out loud to somebody else “I should’ve done that” or “I could’ve gone there” or “I would’ve said hello.”

I seriously believe that these three words should’ve, could’ve and would’ve should not even be in our vocabulary today.

As these words don’t even make sense because it doesn’t even exist that you can even go back into the past and change what you should’ve, could’ve and would’ve done.

So instead of using those words why don’t you just think about your future and be more inspired with life and say to yourself “ I shall take action for myself,” “I can let go of past events “ and “ I will definitely get that done today.”

We have all said these useless words but just take note next time you say it, have a deep think about what you just said and really think to yourself how you can reverse your words like "SHALL, CAN AND WILL" and you will notice how a small change with the way you think and express yourself can make a huge effect on how you will feel.


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