Updated: Nov 26, 2020

What is the secret to your own awakening for you to be able to live your life to your greatest potential? The answer to that is the Shante Ishta which comes from the indigenous people from ancient times, this is a sacred practise which means the single eye of the heart.

In todays studies it has been proven that our hearts have actually got a brain of its own and when you know how to harmonize your brain and heart in a consistent rhythmic pattern this will help you to create super learning, have deep intuition and overall have empowerment with one’s self.

It has been proven that the brain receives many instructions what to do coming from the heart. We are creators from heart. Our heart will give us always a direct intuition or a deep knowing whereas the brain will go through many loop holes before it can give us a definite answer about anything and of course many times causes much fear and confusion in our lives.

When you can learn to think and feel with your heart you will be able to receive clearer information, from going within you will know when something just feels right. When we choose to think and feel from our heart, we will be able to create the greatest energy field for ourselves and the greatest powers and will create miracles in our own healing awareness.

Below is a simple step method technique to optimize the connection between your heart and brain. Practise this daily for only 3 minutes a day, anytime of the day. It will be well worth it!


Shift your awareness from your mind to your heart.

Do this by gently touching your heart centre, by doing this your awareness should connect to your heart.


Slow your breathing down, inhale for 5-6 secs then a slight pause then slowly exhale for 5-6 secs. As you are doing this, feel that you are in a safe place.


Feel the feelings that creates the coherence between your heart and brain, the 4 key words to think about are appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and care. Feel either one or a combination.

This will take 3 days to create a stronger level for yourself.

I would like to appreciate and give gratitude to Greg Braden for his amazing knowledge. I am really enjoying his teachings about science and spirituality of life. Thank you!

Much Love. xxx

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