*Give yourself some me time, this can be anything like going for walk out in beautiful nature, doing something nice for your self like getting a new haircut, do a meditation and focus on the awareness of your body, or read a book of your interest.

*Wake up every morning feeling thankful and start of the day by looking at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and say out loud I love you.

*Write down on paper 5 things that you love about yourself or anything that you are doing that feels great , do this daily and at the end of the week reflect back with what you have written down.

*Take a moment of each day to think about what a miracle it is for you being on this earth, just appreciate the essence of your inner self and think about your miraculous organs that keep your physical bodies in this beautiful life.

*Do things in life that you love to do , whatever it is that you choose to do , this does not matter , for as long as you feel it is right for you and you get great pleasure doing it. At the end of the day take some time to think about what you did that day, and how it made you feel. If you do not like how you are feeling, then make that change and move onto something else or change the way you are thinking.

*Write yourself your own story how you would like things to be or what you would like for yourself. Create the most imaginative story and as you are writing this feel all the words emotionally within yourself. Read it back quietly to yourself and put it away in your magical creation box. When ever you are feeling a bit low within yourself go on and read your story to remind you on what is coming ahead. Remember you create your own destiny.

Giving yourself SELF LOVE is the most important love to give. When you have an abundance amount of self-love this reflects onto everyone else. A world full of self-love will create Divine love for eternity.

Much Love. xxx

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