It is the end of another year and soon to be the start of “2021” and the same thing goes where many people will be telling themselves or sharing to friends and families about their New Year Resolutions. Instead of doing this why not take a moment to reflect into your own life. Seeing the good you have accomplished for yourself and becoming grateful for where you are today.

So many people around the world always strive to having more and to become more successful. Is it ever going to be enough? No matter how fulfilled we feel on the outer world we will continue to feel the emptiness inside us, because until we connect with our inner self and experience our own spiritual awakening, we will never know what the truth for our own reality is.

Reflecting to see how your life is unfolding is like looking at a piece of artwork. Looking back at what you have created for yourself. Just remember that first brush stroke, your first few steps in life and even though we all experience the good and bad, look at where you are now, are you still in this miraculous life and still breathing? Yes of course you are! Let us even just appreciate this! It’s always going to take the good and bad to get to your complete masterpiece.

When you become fulfilled with who you are and where you are today everything will eventually fall at your feet. You will no longer need to want more of anything because you feel complete already and everything else that comes along your path is just how its was all planned out for you. Look at yourself in the mirror and congratulate yourself for the person you are at this moment.

Happy New Year for “2021” and whatever is meant to be will be. Keep walking with faith and trust in the universe and remember to stay within.

Much Love. xxx

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