Satori = A Japanese Buddhist term form for instant enlightenment. Satori is said to be indescribable, unexplainable and unintelligible by reason and logic. My own experience l would say that’s very true but if l can try to describe the meaning of instant enlightenment this is some of the ways l would put it. Satori =getting to know myself spiritually =feelings of nothing really matters= feelings of floating=good energy from within=being open to everything but not attached to anything= living in serenity =trusting the universe = focus on what’s happening now= always giving=grateful for everything around us=not living in fear= always in a great field of energy flow =excited about life =stepping out of my body and observing myself=see everything as good=healing powers=visualization =enjoying quiet moments=loving myself for who l am=showing love to others=being very intuitive =noticing transcending moments=letting go of useless thoughts=goosebumps = loving my life for what it is today=happiness.

This is how l would explain Satori, the excitement l feel as l write about this is a magical moment.


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