Most people do not realise this, but it is true that we all create our own destinies. We may go through so many obstacles during our lifetime, some good, some bad, at times happy, at times sad. Some of us may experience many disappointments and some excitements. We may also experience being healthy or having serious illnesses.

People go through much suffering all the time throughout their life, but one thing they do not see is that we create all of this ourselves. We hear many people saying how life sucks and it is not fair why things happen, but it really is not life’s fault at all. Life is beautiful, our life is amazing, our life is a miracle. Understand that you are creating your own life!

Respecting karma is something we all need to become aware off, Karma is simply one’s own actions, so if you look back at your own actions in life you will notice a pattern and have more of an understanding of why things happen the way they do.

Karma will determine your own outcome throughout your life, just remember when you do something good in your life you will receive good karma and when you do bad things, bad karma will come, it is a simple law of the universe.

There are many people who walk around through life being unhappy, feeling frustrated or angry, but these people tend to blame other people and life for how they feel, instead of becoming aware that they are in control of the way they behave, so going through life feeling unpleasant all the time you only going to receive unpleasant things back!

Most people need to awaken to their own awareness of their own karma! Be aware of how you treat yourself, other people, and the world you live in. People who abuse their own bodies with poisons, they create illnesses for them selves and then become angry with life! We need to open our own eyes and smell the roses, its up to you how you want your life to be.

Awareness is the key! Over watch your own actions in life, it could be a simple thing like throwing litter out the car, when a speeding fine comes your way a week later, be aware that you created this yourself, you cannot always get away with speeding so just when you thought you would get away with throwing litter then karma comes back to bite you on the bum!

We need to learn to accept things when they happen good or bad. Because remember past actions (past karma) can have a recollective effect for your future events.

Practise good karma for yourself by making it habitual to becoming more aware of your own actions! Become keen to stop being mean! Become that person who gives out more love and compassion to others and you will also receive this back from others. Stop judging others or you will receive bad karma!

Learn to accept things for as they are, by respecting karma you are respecting your own life and the life of others around you.

Much Love. xxx

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